Vacation Rental

We will help utilize available properties by locating tenants for the duration of any vacant by the owner.

Rental Income
We will always perform market research to determine a competitive rental rate and attempt to provide the best possible income.
Service To The Tenant
We will provide assistance with all of your needs. From the time of your reservation and through the duration of your stay. We have bi-lingual assistance available in both Japanese and English to better accommodate your stay.
Support In The Time Of Failure
And An Emergency
In the event of any inconvenience or emergency, we will contact the appropriate repair services or contractor to perform any needed repairs.

Kaina Hale Realty’s Remarkable Points

  • We have offices located in both Japan and Hawaii in order to provide assistance with your plans.
  • We have experienced staff available to assist you.
  • We are able to introduce and provide specialists for any consultation. These services are available for professional business, inheritance(s), business succession and similar needs.
  • Our staff is capable of performing telephone correspondence in both English and Japanese
    We have telephone assistance available 24 hours a day
  • Continued assistance and support to our customers after their purchase is very important to us.