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Kaina Hale Hawaii Realty, Inc.


Kaina Hale Hawaii Realty Inc | Hawaii Real Estate Agency

I am originally from Tokyo, Japan. I graduated with a degree in Foreign Language and Affairs from Sophia University. I traveled the world, spending time in Brazil (8 years), Italy (5 years), Spain (5 years), and Hawaii as an employee of Fujitsu Japan. After retiring from Fujitsu Japan, I remained in Hawaii and became a real estate agent.

I was a sales agent for four years at Fogarty Realty. After that, from June 2008, I served as a principal broker/ President at Myland Hawaii for three years. I established Kaina Hale Hawaii Realty, Inc. and became an owner and head of the company since February 2012. As a real estate broker, I experienced transactions of condo, single family house, apartment, shopping mall, hotel, vacant land, and ranch etc. I was recognized as Hawaii’s Top 100 Realtor in 2009. I am able to speak five different languages; Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.


Kaina Hale Hawaii Realty Inc | Hawaii Real Estate Agency

I am originally from Nagasaki, Japan. I am a half Japanese and I brought up in Japan. I came to Hawaii in 1986. I spent more than half of my life time here in Hawaii. Now I live with my wife, daughter, and son at the house with a mango tree. I built my career in travel business for more than 20 years. In the last 10 years, I was an operation manager and managed main general business.

In 2009, I began a career in Real Estate. After building my career in timeshare sales, property management, vacation rental, and long-term rental, I entered to this company as a sales agent. With my all experience, I will provide you meticulous and sincere service to you.


Kaina Hale Hawaii Realty Inc | Hawaii Real Estate Agency

I, John Nomura, am the sales agent of Kaina Hale Hawaii Realty.
Graduated from Waseda University.

I started working in the music production company while studying at university, then worked for the marketing companies mainly as a consultant.
I moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and established the joint venture with Japanese supermarket Yaohan. After engaging in trade business independently, I established the way how to final QC of DVD project of Sony Pictures and checked all DVDs to Japan for 12 years. In 2010 my wife and I moved to long-cherished Hawaii. My pleasure is to sing Hawaiian songs playing ukulele which I learn after I came to Hawaii.
I offer careful service with faithfulness.


Kaina Hale Hawaii Realty Inc | Hawaii Real Estate Agency

From Kanagawa, Japan. For over 20 years, I have been in the real estate industry. My passion for traveling have taken me across over 30 different countries. I used to love playing tennis, but in Japan, good tennis courts are rare where I live…In that respect, Hawaii, with its condominiums and community parks are filled with good tennis courts making it very accessible. My dream is to one day, live in Hawaii and play tennis all day!

Among the many resorts in the world, Hawaii with its great climate, public safety and the rising price of real estate in the long span, it has become a mainstay for real estate investors. For any real estate support in Hawaii, please feel free to contact us. I also have a office in Tokyo, which I go on a regular basis, if by chance you have any trouble contacting us, please bear that in mind and thank you for your patience